Asslamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, how are you, my brothers and sisters? Hope you all are good.

So many times peoples ask the meaning of Wazifa today I will let you know the meaning and value of wazifa. If we will translate this Arabic word ‘Wazifa’ into English then its meaning is to employ. But if we talk about the Islamic importance of this term wazifa then it stands for reciting some verses or phrase to get the desired favor or gift from Allah Tabarak Wa ta’ala.

Is wazifa allowed in Islam?

Now the most common question appears in someone’s mind is that is wazifa allowed is Islam or not? Then my answer is yes. While doing any wazifa we only intended to read some particular verses from the holy Quran. You yourself tell me is reading the Quran is a sin? When you decide to do any wazifa you should have full faith in almighty. Remember one thing you should not perform any wazifa with the wrong intention. There is always being a big difference between dua and wazifa.

Rules of reading a Wazifa?

Many times peoples do wazifa but didn’t get desired results. The main reason behind the wazifa failure is the incorrect method of doing “wazifa”. On this page, we will tell you all the important steps of doing a wazifa. We are providing you a video on this topic. On Islamic Dua Helpline you will find a video on every problem.

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