wazifa for childless couples after marriage

wazifa for childless couples after marriage

Children are the most beautiful gift from Allah (SWT), but there are many couples who are not producing children even after years of their marriage. There are many reasons behind this, but if the couple is medically fit to conceive and still are not having children then this is the worst situation for the couple. The stipend for a childless couple is the perfect solution for couples who want a healthy baby. This scholarship will help you become a parent.

If someone has tied a woman’s stomach by practicing some kind of bad thing in such a case, then this scholarship is sure. It can remove all kinds of bad things in a very short time. A family is incomplete without children and the person does not like anything in life if there is no child in the family. Both husband and wife can read this scholarship together or individually for 11 days. Here we are going to tell you the complete method of reading the scholarship for a childless couple, for which you just have to follow the method.

How to do perform wazifa for childless couples: –

  1. Create a fresh ablance.
  2. Sit on the prayer mat facing towards the door.
  3. Now read Darud e Ibrahimi 11 times.
  4. After reading Darud e Ibrahimi, read Surat al-Maidah 101 times (verse number 17).
  5. Now read Darud Ibrahimi 21 times.
  6. Blow on two dates.
  7. You must read this dua regularly for 11 days.
  8. On the seventh day, husband and wife should eat one date each.
  9. And on the seventh day they both have sex to conceive.
  10. If you do not get the result then you can read this scholarship again.

by the grace of Allah you will be grant you with a little baby boy.

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