Istikhara in the light of the Sunnah


In the name of the Almighty, I am going to start my next article on “Istikhara in the Light of the Sunnah”. Hope you all are doing well in your life. The human being is the supreme creature of the Supreme Power. They have both mind to understand things and heart to feel the feelings. Hence we often surrounded by many problems in our lives. Though our life is surrounded with problems still we have faith in theAlmighty. Every lock has a key like that every problem has its solution. [


Istikhara means seeking the goodness of Allah. Istikhara is the prayer of guidance. As we all face a lot of problems in our day to day life, and always searching for solutions for our problems. If you are from Muslim Community then you have a faith that nothing is impossible in Islam.  Allah is looking at you all the time and he will solve all your problems. In our day to day life, we are going through many difficulties. Among the many difficulties, confusion and perplexity are the most difficult among them.  Decision making is one of the toughest jobs in this world. All most in each and every moment we face difficulty in making a decision.

There is more than one choice available in making a decision. We have to make a choice between two or more choices. We are facing two types  of decisions in our daily life, Major, and Minor.  Some decisions are very typical in our life. In the meantime we need somebody’s help. The person from whom we need the help must be more experienced than us. Allah is the Knower, Creator, and Sustainer of the world. Nobody is as powerful as him. Nobody knows us better than the Almighty. He knows what is right for us and what is wrong for us. So Muslim brothers and sisters perform Istikhara for the guidance of Allah. The Istikhara prayer will guide you in any difficult decision making.

There often situations occur that we cannot understand which is good for us and which is bad for us. Sometimes the things which we think good for us actually bad for us and the thing which we think bad for us is actually good for us. But as a human being we cannot understand such things, but as the creator, the Knower Allah knows all things which will bad for us and which will good for us. So it is always better to seek his guidance before making any decision. He will guide you in a proper way. So you should perform Istikhara before making any decision.


The great benefit of Istikhara is the man handle himself to Allah. When you give yourself to Allah, Allah’s Command will receive and an Angelic characteristic will be produced in your character. Hence performing Istikhara regularly will develop the angelic nature in you.

Nowadays there is a misconception about Istikhara in the light of Sunnah. Istikhara becomes as difficult as making any decision. Most of the people hesitate to perform Istikhara. If somebody wants to perform Istikhara then they want it to be done by somebody else on behalf of themselves. Nowadays it is a common belief among Muslim people  that Istikhara can only be correctly performed if it is performed by the certain person. [ Istikhara in the light of Sunnah means asking another person to perform Istikhara on behalf of you. Istikhara causes the confusion. It has a wrong notion that performing Istikhara means you will see a dream. When the person who has performed  Istikhara does not see any dream or any hint in his or her dream, then it will create more confusion in decision making. It is also a point of consideration that if the person who performs Istikhara got a clear inclination in the dream after that he or she will fail in taking the decision. These are the main misconceptions about Istikhara.

Istikhara does not mean any dream or heart satisfaction. It is the prayer to Allah to incline your heart towards the appropriate thing. The Prayer only contains Allah should protect him or her from any harm.

Istikhara in the light of Sunnah means performing Istikhara by somebody else. Sunnah means grant, donation or donate something voluntarily. Istikhara Prayer cleans one’s heart, mind, and soul. All the protection and predestination are done by the Almighty as he is the Knower and Creator of everybody’s destiny.

As performing Istikhara is a great confusion hence it must be performed under an experienced person’s guidance. Our Molvi Ji is an experienced person in performing Istikhara in the Light of Sunnah. If you want to fix an appointment with him call us today.

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