Ishtikhara For Marriage

All Muslim brothers and sisters must know about the term “Istikhara”. “Istikhara” is also called the “prayer of Guidance from the almighty”. By performing Istikhara one wants to seek direct guidance from Allah. With Istikhara we ask Allah to Guide us in any situation. Human beings are emotional and dreamy beings. They have a lot of wishes hidden in between them. They want to fulfill it also. There are many things which we think good for us but the almighty himself knows better which is good for us and which is bad for us. It is many times happened in our life that the things we think right for us are really concluded as the bad result in future but the things we assume bad will fruitful as the good result in the coming time. So it always better to seek the guidance of Allah before starting any work because he knows us better than we know us.

When you want to do an important task in your life before that you should perform Istikhara. Allah the Supreme, the knower of all things will guide you in performing the task is good for you or not. When you want to make any choice then it is always advised to seek help from the Almighty. For any kind of guidance in matter, there is Salatul Istikhara prayer. Salatul Istikhara will help you in guiding any kind of matter. If you are in two minded to perform a task, in that case, istikhara prayer will help you.

How to Perform Istikhara for marriage:

There are some rules to perform istikhara. It is always better to istikhara 7 times. Sometimes it gives the result at one time and sometimes it takes a long time. God will give his sign through your dream. If in your dream there is any green and white color things like white paper, milk, white light, grass field, green light, green cloth then it is the positive sign to start your work. But if in your dream you see any red or black color things like red ink, blood, red light, and red cloth, black cloth, black light, black sky then it is the sign of danger. The almighty prevent you from doing the task.

If you do not get any sign or you cannot remember your dream then do not have to be worried. You have to perform Istikhara again or otherwise, you can follow your heart.

Your marriage has been fixed with someone and you want to satisfy that the person is right for you or not in this situation it is better to perform Istikhara for marriage.

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