How do I wish married couple in Islam?

islamic nikah wishes

There are some ways to say congratulations in Arabic for a marriage. In this publish, you’ll study the commonest and the simplest methods to congratulate somebody in addition to some variations and completely different dialects as a result of they’ll range relying on the kind of wedding ceremony.

Common Marriage Wishes In Arabicmabrook in arabic writing
Simply, saying “Mabrook” is similar as simply saying congratulations! It is a normal phrase you may say for any pleased event. If you wish to particularly say congratulations for the marriage you possibly can say “mabrook 3ala al zefaf”
مبروك على الزفاف
“3ala al fara7” مبروك على الفرح.
You might additionally say “alf mabrook al zawaj” which suggests congratulations for the wedding. In English, we wish to say “alf mabrook”, which means (a thousand congratulations!).

It is a wedding want as a result of the very origin of the phrase is “barakah” which is a prayer which means God’s blessings.
You also can observe “mabrook” with one thing like this:
تمناتي لك بالزواج السعيد “tamaneyati lak bel zawaj alsa3eed” – I want you a contented marriage.

Wedding, Nikah and Islamic marriage

In Islam, there are 2 phases to a wedding:

  1. The Islamic marriage settlement (marriage contract)
    عقد القرانOften referred to as “Nikah” by Asian Muslim communities. This is a ceremonial settlement throughout which the vows are exchanged, normally between the groom and a the bride’s father as an Arabic custom (the bride can do the vows herself in any other case). It also can embrace circumstances much like a prenuptial settlement. After this ceremony, the couple are thought of married underneath Islamic regulation.
  2. Another essential a part of marriage in Islam is the proclamation
    الإشهارWhich is principally the marriage social gathering that goals to let everybody know concerning the marriage. Note that the Nikah and the precise wedding ceremony can occur on the identical day, or might be separate. Sometimes the Nikah can occur months (or perhaps a yr or years) earlier than the marriage. This can range loads relying on circumstances and familial and cultural traditions.
    The Nikah is usually both carried out as a restricted small celebration days or even weeks  earlier than the marriage (just for shut household and associates), or on the identical day.

The Christian Arab marriage traditions are completely different however I’m not an knowledgeable on this so I can’t actually delve into this. However, you need to use the identical Arabic marriage needs talked about above.

Muslim marriage wishes

For a Muslim getting married, there are some widespread prayers or greeting you possibly can say. The most typical is that this one:
بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما ف خير
“baraka Allahu lakoma, wa baraka 3alaikoma, wa jama3a baynakuma fe khair”.
Which interprets to: God bless you (each), God bestow his blessinggs upon you and will God unite you in goodness.

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