Dua for Love

When we have feelings for someone who we find out doesn’t feel the same way back, our first response is to ask what’s wrong with us. Naturally we want the same feelings from the other person too. One of the most gut wrenching experiences is to not get the same feelings back from the love interest. Certainly duas made in full faith, conviction and pure intention can make the heart soft and gravitate towards you. The hearts can melt with the power of Dua, only if the intention is pure.
Allah (swt) also says: “And when my servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning me—indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of every supplicant when he calls upon me […]”

dua for love

(Qur’an 2:186)
وإذا سألك عبادي عني فإني قريب أجيب دعوة الداع إذا دعان
As we all know a pure heart is reflection of pure love. Since love is pious, filled with pure feelings it needs understanding and little time. Powerful dua is a source of solving all your love matters, if your love is true it will come to you.

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