Every married couple goes through rough patch in their marital lives. And it tends to create disunity and friction between couples where they can’t seem to get to common point. Sometimes it takes a very high toll on their marriage resulting in ending the relationship altogether, making the husband less interested in marriage. Duas will not only keep the marriage intact, it will keep the relationship away from evil eyes and will keep it away from nuisance of shaitaan too.

dua for husband

One of the most highly approved dua is as follows.
In order to create or develop love between husband and wife, you need to follow the instructions;

  • Dua (190); “Bismillahir Rahaman-nir Rahim” recite 786 times before going to bed every night;
  • Dua (191); “Suhah_Annisa” Recite 71 times every day;
  • Dua (197); “Rerse-31 of Ali Imran” Recite 3 times every day;

To increase affection between the married couple, recite the following Dua 91 times every day;

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